Tide Creek Herefords Ranch

~ Raising Quality Purebred Horned Hereford Cattle~

Lot 23 5A

Cassie's bull, good haired son of 163X.  Light birth weight, have a real nice full sister at home.  We like this bull a lot.

BW: 74 lbs.  WW:  610 lbs. 

LOT 24 7A

Out of a heavy milking 21M daughter.  Looks a lot like his sire, dang good bull.  The heifers from 163X look awesome!

BW:  93lbs  WW:  580 lbs

Lot 25 11A

Mother of this bull, 19M is also the Grandma of 5A.  A real stout easy keeper, 11A will be the same.  

BW:  90 lbs.  WW:  540 lbs. 

Lot 26 14A

This bull is from a cow we got at the Klein Dispersal.  This fellow is super quiet.  

BW:  98 lbs.  WW:  555 lbs.

Lot 27 16A

Brad and Kirby's bull, great hair and solid marked.  Mother 20R is one of two full sisters they have, Grand Dam 1M is still going at home.

BW:  88 lbs.  WW:  560 lbs.  

Lot 28 17 A

Real good son of our YV Sire.  Mother 26X has as good of an udder as you will find.  She's a full sister to the 25W bull that Brost Land and Cattle bought.  Sharp lookin dude!

BW:  90 lbs.  WW:  555 lbs.

Lot 29 21A

He's gonna be a big bull.  Mother 24R is a big stout cow.  Stadnicki Cattle Co. had a big son of hers.  Grandmother is 19M mother of 11A, and Grand Dam of 5A.

Lot 30 28A

Yellow, solid, marked, good footed son of Lulu, our 163X bull from Braun's Grandmother to 28A.  17R is the mother to the 10Y bull, our high seller to Brosts.  Max Tateson has a bull out of 15U from last year's sale.  

BW:  90 lbs.  WW:  520 lbs.

Lot 31 30A

Big thick bugger.  Mom 16R is a super cow, freckle faced, great feet.  Have a full sister to 30 A at home, she looks fantastic.  Good, good bull. 

BW:  102 lbs.  WW:  660 lbs.


Lot 32 34A

Heifer bull, nice light birth weight son of 163X.  Grandam 24R is the mother of 21 A. 

BW:  84 lbs.   WW:  460 lbs.  

Lot 34 36A

Solid red and lots of hair, 28R is a good ole cow.  Last year's bull went to Keith and Darlene McDonald.

BW:  93 lbs.  WW:  500 lbs.


Lot 35 38A

826U son, stout and deep, great hair, solid marked, nice bull.

BW:  103 lbs.  WW:  610 lbs.

Lot 36 42A

From a two year old heifer, should be a good bull to use on heifers with a 72 lb. birth weight.

BW:  72 lbs.  WW:  480 lbs. 

Lot 37 51A

A May calf off 947W, a cow we bought from the Conway Dispersal.  Good producing cow, we have an awesome full brother to 51A, coming next year.

BW:  88lbs.  WW:  490 lbs.

Lot 38 52A

Another light birth weight son of 163X out of a two year old heifer.  Good heifer bull.

BW:  75 lbs.  WW:  480 lbs.

Lot 39 53A

Just a May calf, thick and solid red.  Little Rock Ranches has a full brother to 53A, also a real good bull.  Mother 29T is a superb cow.  High maternal. She is also the Grandmother of 52A. 

BW:  90 lbs.  WW:  555lbs. 

Tide Creek Herd